Tokiwa DataRecovery Portable

Tokiwa DataRecovery Portable 2.4.5

Recover accidentally-deleted files


  • Simple to use
  • No installation required


  • Minimalist program: no options, no documentation
  • You can't select specific folders to scan


The first few seconds after deleting an important file you probably feel like the most stupid person in the world. But believe me, everybody has made the same mistake at some point. And this is why software developers create programs like Tokiwa DataRecovery Portable.

With Tokiwa DataRecovery Portable you have a last chance to recover those accidentally-deleted files before it's too late. It's important to scan the system for those files as soon as possible, because the more you use the computer after the deletion, the fewer chances you have to rescue the data. With Tokiwa DataRecovery Portable you can scan any drive connected to your system, though you have no option to select specific folders.

Tokiwa DataRecovery Portable doesn't require installation, so if you want you can run it from a USB device. In fact this is advisable, as you should recover files to a different location from the one you're running the program in. apart from that, there's no other outstanding feature in DataRecovery: no settings menu, no documentation, and no options.

Like any other file recovery tool, Tokiwa DataRecovery Portable is not infallible, nor does it promise to rescue the file you've deleted. But I have to say it worked perfectly well during our tests and, as they say, hope is the last thing to die.

Tokiwa DataRecovery Portable could be the last chance to recover those accidentally deleted files!

Tokiwa DataRecovery Portable


Tokiwa DataRecovery Portable 2.4.5

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